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Clean Cabin Air…Nature’s Way!

Neutralizes COVID virus

Aviation Clean Air provides mountain fresh air in the cabin of your aircraft the same way nature creates fresh air. By molecularly disassembling bacteria, allergens and odors into inert, harmless and odorless elements, ACA cleans the air you breathe in flight.

How It Works:

ACA Fixes This!

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THE PROBLEMS — Just by passengers sneezing, coughing, touching and even breathing within the aircraft, contamination can occur from harmful pathogens such as the common cold viruses as well as E. coli, C. diff, L. Pneumophila, MRSA, Tuberculosis, Avian Flu Virus, Swine Flu Virus, SARS Virus, COVID-19 Virus, Staph Bacteria, Mold Spores, and Allergens.

Jet fuel emissions entering and lingering in a closed cabin environment exposes the crew and passengers to annoying odors.

Galley, lavatory, and body odors are often offensive.

Static electricity is always present in the aircraft with low relative humidity.

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Aviation Clean Air HAS THE SOLUTION!

The Aviation Clean Air solution has just received FAA Supplemental Type Certificates for Gulfstream G450/GV/G550 and the Gulfstream G650/G650ER

The Air and Surface Purification System is available for all Business and Commercial Aircraft.

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