ADS-B Out and NextGen Capabilities

Video Presentation by
Alex Rodriguez, FAA Aerospace Engineer

On January 1, 2020 the FAA ADS-B Out mandate, or NextGen Mandate, will go into effect. The mandate requires all aircraft operating in ADS-B designated airspace to be equipped with ADS-B avionics. The FAA is encouraging owners to equip as soon as possible to capture the benefits of ADS-B and to ensure they will be able to access all available airspace once the mandate becomes effective.

Please Note:

  • The FAA has no plans to delay the effective date of the ADS-B Out rule.
  • ADS-B Out avionics must be installed and meet the rule performance requirements.
    • Portable equipment DOES NOT meet the ADS-B Out rule requirements.

In this video presentation, FAA Aerospace Engineer, Alex Rodriguez, thoroughly discusses everything you need to know regarding ADS-B and NextGen Capabilities.

ADS-B Out Presentation Topics

  • Overview of ADS-B Mandate
  • Overview of Fans 1/A
  • ADS-B Deployment Status
  • Benefits realized from ADS-B
  • ADS-B Performance Monitor
ADS-B Out FAA Video Presentation

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    As of January 2018, there is an ample supply of ADS-B avionics and installation capacity. However, the availability of both will decrease as the mandate approaches. Furthermore, as the mandate approaches the demand will be high and the supply will be constrained - resulting in higher costs. Delaying equipment upgrades may actually cost you more and limit when and where you can fly once the mandate becomes effective.