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Health, Dental, Vision Plans, and Go365

Our Health, Dental, and Vision insurance provider for the 2023 benefit year will be Humana. Humana has provided us with a full instructional video on our benefit package called a “Brainshark” that will go over each Benefit Plan with you. Feel free to watch it with your dependents so they are also familiar with their benefits. On the left side of the screen, each portion of the video is listed. These tools will remain available online for future reference if you need a brief refresher on a specific topic.

Your Benefits Enrollment Guide

Humana Benefits video English

Full Humana 2023 Benefit Packet

Find a Doctor, Dentist, or Vision Provider

To keep your “wellness discount”, please remember that you must be SILVER status or higher in the Go365 Program by August 1st, 2023. Log onto www.Go365.com to check your status.

Full Go365 Informational Packet