Banyan Air Service

Welcome to Banyan Air Service located at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE), Florida. Our 24-hour, full-service fixed base operation is conveniently located in South Florida and has been serving aircraft owners, charter operators, corporate flight departments, flight schools and governmental agencies since 1979.

We are conveniently located between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach and our location makes Banyan the perfect gateway for flights to and from the Bahamas, Caribbean, and South America.

Whenever you fly to South Florida, we invite you to visit us and enjoy our world class facility and outstanding services. You’ll find our FBO is staffed with dedicated and passionate teammates eager to assist you.

Whatever your aviation needs maybe, you’ll find that the Banyan complex has more services than any other FBO or aircraft support facility in Florida. Aircraft maintenance, structural modifications, avionics installation and services, aircraft sales, flight training, interior refurbishment center, charter services, aviation store, aircraft parts sales, and much more are available within our complex.

When you visit, the best way to experience Banyan is to ask our front desk staff for a tour of our facility. It would be a pleasure to show you our complex.

“Working Together, Growing Together, Winning Together”

Banyan's Vision

To be recognized by our customers, our teammates and our vendors as the premier FBO of choice.

Banyan's Mission

To provide exceptional aviation services to our customers through dedication to quality, safety, and efficiency while maintaining a commitment to growth and the development of our team.

Banyan's Guiding Principles

We honor God in all we do.
We inspire trust by being trustworthy.
We help our people develop and grow.
We serve our customers in
remarkable ways.
We pursue excellence and
continuously improve.
We contribute to the communities
we serve.

Banyan's Values

Earning customer loyalty through safety and service excellence are the most important criteria for our success. We anticipate our guests’ needs, offer them the best value, treat them as life long partners, look at the business through their eyes, and deliver more than we promise. Our primary measure of success is when the customer leaves and tells someone else how great we are.

We strive to be one of the best-managed companies in the nation and to develop a position of leadership. Management is aggressive and willing to take calculated risks. Profits determine our future and are the result of our performance. We share profits with our people and celebrate our successes together. We think and act with a sense of urgency. We are responsible corporate citizens and encourage our teammates to participate in community betterment programs.

We work to merit teammate confidence, trust, commitment and loyalty as the basis for a mutually satisfying, productive and lasting relationship. We assist our people in developing their potential for their own benefit, yet work together as a team to accomplish common goals. We encourage all teammates to participate as leaders in the management of the business, share what they know, leave their comfort zone, and work in an optimistic, upbeat and happy spirit. Our people are responsible for the success of their departments regardless of position, and must perform all tasks with the mindset of accomplishing them in a superior way.

Ideas are the lifeblood of our future and the use of technology and tooling will determine who can compete. We endeavor to maintain a safe work place that is team driven, fun, competitive yet sensitive and conducive to tap the reservoirs of creativity. We strive to find better ways to consistently deliver service that is Done Right, On Time, As Quoted.

We honor God in all we do and operate with integrity in all aspects of the business. It is our foundation, corporate policy, and must be our legacy.

We eliminate non-value and added work by having a passion to achieve results. We have systems and organize our work place in ways that have proven to achieve specific results and agree to abide by them to ensure consistency. Systems are not rules. Through systems we measure progress and adjust accordingly. We document our processes and best practices so we do not have to reinvent them – only refine them.

This is part of communication; information is power and we will strive to empower our teammates from the first day of orientation onward in all aspects. Our product is service, our strength is our well trained people.

Banyan Gives Back

Banyan recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. By sharing our blessings, we can make a difference in the lives of others.

“At Banyan we strive to be more than just another aviation company, not only by what we provide our customers, but also by what we give back.”
— Don Campion, President, Banyan Air Service

Throughout the year, Banyan contributes to a number of various causes that individual teammates are passionate about. Whether it is a 5K run for a charity or the sponsoring of a softball team, the company is proud to recognize the efforts of our individual teammates and helps with a donation.

4Kids of South Florida

In the spring of 2010 our teammates decided to select a corporate charity that the whole company could rally around. After a great deal of consideration and research, 4Kids of South Florida was picked as the corporate charity. Since then our team has been very involved and supports the organization with regular monetary donations, in-kind donations of needed items, and volunteering for special projects. Our team believes that our involvement with 4Kids of South Florida provides kids with “Wings of Hope.”

Egbe Hospital Revitalization Project

Banyan’s focus on helping others extends beyond our local community to Egbe Hospital in Nigeria. Egbe Hospital was founded in 1952 by SIM (Serving in Mission, a non-denominational Protestant mission) led by missionaries Dr. and Mrs. Campion, the parents of Banyan’s President, Don Campion. Working alongside SIM USA and Samaritan Purse/World Medical Mission, Banyan is dedicated to this revitalization project.