Jim Parker is a friend of Banyan and frequently flys out of Banyan.

Jim Parker loading Plane to Haiti

Dear Fellow Pilots,

Two of the more active “hubs” for organizing Haitian relief flights by private aviation volunteers are shutting down:  Bahamas Habitat has ended it’s operation in Nassau and Go-Ministries in Santiago, Dominican Republic is shutting down it distribution/coordination center.  I will continue to take  emails from any of you flying missions for other organization.  Always glad to help with advice or support here on the ground in Santo Domingo.

Commercial flights are now available to Port of Prince from Miami.  Beginning March 12, commercial flights will be available from Santiago and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Port of Prince.  There are also commercial flights from Ft Lauderdale to Cape Haitian.  In addition, rhe UN has begun regular passenger service from Port of Prince to Jacmel, Las Cayes and Jeremie from using helicopters and a Cessna Caravan.

Occasional needs will arise to shuttle doctors and medicines from the Dominican Republic to/from outlying Haitian airports but these will be sporadic.  I’ll do what I can to help with my C172RG here in Santo Domingo.

Many of you have flown volunteer missions in support of Haitian relief, donating your time, aircraft and money.  You efforts have made a difference, giving hope and assistance to thousands in desperate need of food, tents and medical care.

Well done and Best Regards,  Jim Parker

to contact Jim email you can email him at jim@caribbeanflyingadventures.com