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Quest KODIAK Aircraft Sales

Passionate About Performance?  Consider a Quest KODIAK!

The KODIAK’s rugged aluminum construction combines superior STOL performance and high useful load. It offers proven reliability with the Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbine engine, has the ability to land and take off from unimproved surfaces and is capable of working off floats without structural upgrades.

For just about any destination in the world, the Quest KODIAK can get you there. Cruising at 12,000 feet at 174 ktas, it has a range of 1005 nm. That equates to over 5.8 hrs with fuel consumption at 48 gph. It can take off in under 1,000 feet at full gross weight of 7,255 lbs and climb at over 1,300 feet per minute. It has a range of 1132 NM.

Banyan Air Service is an Authorized Sales and Service Center for the KODIAK.

KODIAKs are in service with charter operators, small businesses, personal owners, skydiving operations, U.S. and international governments, and humanitarian organizations. KODIAKs on amphibian floats set a new world standard in water operation.

It has great performance, great avionics and great handling. It’s an honest airplane, easy to load, easy to fly, easy to land on rough strips.
Pilot AvatarDave Rask, Aviation Director for Mission Aviation Fellowship

Features include:

  • A 3-panel Garmin G1000 integrated avionics suite including Synthetic Vision
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 turbine engine (4000 Hour TBO)
  • Can take off in under 1,000 feet at full gross takeoff weight of 7,255 lbs and climb at over 1,300 feet per minute
  • Rugged aluminum construction combines superior STOL performance and high useful load
  • Amphibious float options available that do not require structural upgrades
Max. Ramp Weight… 7,305 lbs
Max. Takeoff Weight… 7,255 lbs
Base Aircraft Empty Weight… 3,770 lbs
Base Aircraft Useful Load… 3,535 lbs
Fuel Capacity… 320 gal
Max. Wing Loading… 30.1 lbs/ sq ft
Max. Power Loading… 9.67 lbs/hp
Cruise Performance… 183 ktas… 339 kph
Stall Speed Vs1 (flaps up)… 77 kcas
Stall Speed Vs0 (flaps down)… 60 kcas
Rate of Climb (max. cont. at SL)… 1,371 ft/min
Rate of Climb (10,000 ft)… 874 ft/min
Takeoff Ground Roll… 934 ft
Braked Roll (w/o reverse)… 705 ft
Certified Ceiling… 25,000 ft
Max Cruise:
At 174 ktas, at 12,000 ft, fuel consumption is 48 gph yielding 1,005 nm over 5.8 hr

Max Range Cruise:
At 135 ktas, at 12,000 ft, fuel consumption is 33 gph yielding 1,132 nm over 8.4 hr

Takeoff Power @ 2200 RPM… 750 hp
Max. Continuous Power… 700 hp
Constant Speed, Feathering, Reversible
Diameter… 96 in
Tip Clearance… 19 in
Cabin Width… 4’6″
Cabin Height… 4’9″
Cabin Length… 15’10”
Cargo Volume (exc. cockpit)… 248 cu ft
Overall Length… 34’2″
Seats… 1-10
Doors… 3
Door Sill Height… 38 in
Cargo Door (LH side)… 49.25 x 49.25 in
Cockpit Doors (both sides)… 31 x 51 in
Wing Area… 240 sq ft
Span… 45′
Dihedral… 3°
Flap Type… Fowler, single-slotted
Horizontal Span… 20′
Overall Height… 15’3″
Fixed, Faired Leg, No Pants
Main Gear… 8.5 x 10 Cleveland, spring steel
Nose Gear… 6.5 x 8 Cleveland, air-oleo, steel
Large Tires (main)… 29 x 11 Goodyear
Large Tires (nose)… 22 x 8 Goodyear
Cargo Pod… Quest
PAX Seats (up to 8 )… Quest
10 Place Oxygen… Quest
Ice Protection… TKS
Tundra Interior… Quest
GTS 800 TAS/Stormscope Package… Garmin
XM Infotainment… Garmin
Propeller Pitch Latch… Hartzell
C406-N ELT-GPS Locator… Artex
Turndown Stacks… Quest
RGB Chip Detector… Quest
Chart View Enable Card… Garmin
Air Conditioning… Seamech
GWX-68 Weather Radar (Installed as STC)… Quest
Search and Rescue Standard Enable Card… Garmin
Search and Rescue Enhanced Enable Card… Garmin
KODIAK is certified under Part 23 of the Federal Aviation Regulations in the Normal Category for day, night, VFR, and IFR flight operations, and certified for flight into known icing when equipped with the optional TKS Ice Protection System.

Specifications and Optional Equipment subject to change without notice – Rev. July 2012

To meet and exceed modern needs, multi-use operations and certification requirements throughout the world, while also remaining reliable and cost effective, Quest Aircraft has designed the KODIAK with the Garmin G1000 avionics suite. Depending on your geographical location and operation, here are some enhancements you may want to consider.

To Adapt Your Quest KODIAK To Specific Needs Or Missions/Roles, The Following Is Available On An Optional Basis:

XM Weather
GD-69A XM data link w/ Audio Infotainment. From takeoff to landing, XM WX Satellite weather information boosts pilot situational awareness through interactive graphical weather updates through the G1000 MFD. Plus, receive entertainment through 170 channels of music, news, sports via the aircraft stereo intercom system.

For added protection in “see and avoid” traffic situations, nothing beats this Traffic Advisory (TAS) and Traffic Collision Avoidance (TCAS 1) system. This option provides active, accurate and dynamic traffic surveillance, fully integrated into the G1000 cockpit.

Weather Radar – GARMIN GWX68
Avoid bad weather with fully integrated digital color radar. Easy to interpret and operate, this real time weather radar provides you the power to see serious weather ahead, allowing time to make safer decisions sooner.

StormScope was developed to specifically detect and display thunderstorm activity by analyzing radiated signals of electrical discharge from storm cells. Fully integrated into the G1000, it provides an accurate view of areas of storms to be avoided.

Chartview – Jeppesen
This option brings an electronic version of Jeppensen’s extensive library of charts and airport diagrams directly to the G1000 multi-function display (MFD). Approach charts, geopolitical features, airspace, airways and airport diagrams are visually displayed. In addition pilots will see the KODIAK’s position on the chart.

ELT 406 GPS Ugrade
Upgrade the existing 406 ELT with an interface that when activated, broadcast your position with the distress signal.

Equipment External Baggage/Cargo Compartment
Need even more value? The external cargo compartment gives additional benefit and flexibility to the Quest KODIAK and your operation by adding 63 cubic feet of cargo carrying volume and the convenience of being able to toss in cargo, close the door and go – all without sacrificing speed and performance.

External Cargo Compartment Volume… 63 CU FT
Maximum Floor Loading… 65 LB / SQ FT
Bay One Door Dimensions… 25.5 x 13.5 IN
Bay Two Door Dimensions… 29.5 x 14 IN
Bay Three Door Dimensions… 39 x 4.5 to 11 IN

TKS Ice Protection – Flight Inot Known Ice
Still need to get there even when the weather isn’t? The TKS Ice Protection System on the Quest KODIAK allows you to make those wintertime “Go/No-Go” decisions with confidence. This system offers a level of ice protection unsurpassed by any other method. The end result is an ice protection system that has the major advantage of providing anti-ice capability as well as de-ice capability, thus maintaining aircraft performance in the icing environment. With all of the KODIAK’s leading edges protected by Titanium Porous Panels that weeps a mixture of glycol and alcohol, a large 16.3 gallon fluid reservoir and redundant pumps, ice doesn’t stand a chance against the Quest KODIAK.

28″ Tire Combination Upgrade
Do you find yourself exploring grass strips, or does your operation take you to those backcountry and remote areas? The upgraded, oversized tires give the KODIAK more floatation and durability on unimproved or semi-improved surfaces. Move up from the standard tire combination (8.50×10 main, 6.50×8.0 nose) to the all terrain large tires of main: 29”X 11.0 and nose tire of 22×8.0.

  • Aspen Kodiak paint
  • Slate Kodiak paint
  • Glacier Kodiak paint
  • Ember Kodiak Paint
  • Deep Powder with Slate Kodiak paint
  • Deep Powder Kodiak Paint
  • Chinook Kodiak paint
  • Spruce Kodiak paint

Quest KODIAK Interior Packages

The Tundra base interior is lightweight, yet it can withstand the heavy usage typically seen from charter operations that carry a combination of passengers and freight. The leather seats are easily removed (about 30 seconds each) and stowed for effortless conversion between passengers and freight. The floor is protected with a layer of rubber compound which provides a rugged anti-skid surface. Passenger Service Units provide fresh air vents and reading lights at each of the 8 passenger stations. Headset jacks are located at each passenger seat to allow everyone on board access to the aircraft’s intercom system.

A step up from the Tundra, the Timberline offers all the functionality of the Tundra, but with upgrades like carpeted interior, faux leather accent panels, seat storage pockets, and cup holders, you’ll be flying in style. Timberline seats have additional bolstering for added comfort, and the removable carpet provides extra comfort, warmth, and soundproofing. If you’re looking for the ruggedness of the KODIAK, but aren’t willing to sacrifice comfort, Timberline is the interior for you.

The top-of-the-line Summit interior offers club seating, cabinetry, and carpet that allows you to conduct the business meeting in comfort on the way to the construction or project site. This interior also makes the Quest KODIAK great for family trips! A true example of rugged refinement, Summit features individual headset, oxygen, light and ventilation with charging ports for your portable electronic devices, so you are entertained or productive while on the go. For more information on the availability of the Summit interior, please contact us.

Creature Comforts

Air Conditioning
Keep the cabin cool, dry and comfortable even on the hottest days! Operated through a Touch Screen Environmental Control Panel, high volume air, a dramatic delta between outside air temperatures makes flying in hot humid locations a breeze. You use air conditioning in your car driving to the airport, why not have it in your Quest KODIAK?

10 Place Oxygen
This option upgrades the standard oxygen tank to 115 cubic feet and provides an oxygen port to all passengers.

KODIAK Current Inventory

2016 Quest KODIAK for Sale

2016 Quest Kodiak for sale
  • Garmin G1000 Integrated Avionics Suite:
  • (2) Primary Flight Displays – PFD
  • Multifunction Display – MFD
  • Aerocet Amphibious Floats (Installed)
  • Custom Paint Scheme in Blue, White, Tan, and Red

Bonus Depreciation Available

2016 Quest KODIAK for Sale

2016 Quest Kodiak 193 for sale
  • Factory New
  • 8 Seat Summit Interior
  • GWX-68 Color Weather Radar
  • External Baggage Compartment
  • TKS Ice Protection

Bonus Depreciation Available

2014 Quest KODIAK for Sale

  • Aerocet Floats
  • Garmin Autopilot
  • Synthetic Vision
  • XM weather with music
  • Traffic
  • Timberline Interior
  • Very low total time
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