New FAA Air Traffic Control Tower at FXE

//New FAA Air Traffic Control Tower at FXE
Rendering of the new FAA Air Traffic Control Tower for FXE

Rendering of the new FAA Air Traffic Control Tower for FXE

Replacing the existing Air Traffic Control Tower is long overdue. The current tower was built nearly 40 years ago, has never been updated, is not hurricane resistant and has outlived its original design life by nearly 20 years. In addition, the height of the tower does not provide optimal views of the airfield and the base building lacks sufficient room to support the operations of the facility.


Construction of the new $9 million tower will be fully funded by the FAA with no airport or City dollars being used for the project. The new tower will further enhance Executive Airport’s safety, security and air traffic control operations.


The FAA’s new Air Traffic Control Tower will be built on a larger parcel located slightly west and south of the existing tower. The facility will be expanded to accommodate the operational and administrative needs of the agency. Hurricane resistant materials will be used to provide maximum protection in the event of a weather related emergency, and the facility’s design will meet current federal requirements for access and security. The new tower will stand approximately 50 feet higher than the existing tower. The added height will provide air traffic controllers with a better vantage point and unobstructed views of the airfield.

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