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Aerial view of Jet Runway
Inside view of Jet Runway
Title: Jet Runway Cafe

While you are at Banyan, don't miss the opportunity to eat at Jet Runway Café. In addition to a delicious meal, you'll be entertained by an amazing view of the ramp. Watch for incoming and departing aircraft, line technicians towing and fueling aircraft, and golf carts transporting people. This one-of-a-kind café is open Monday through Friday from
7:30 am — 3:00 pm and Saturday from 7:30 am — 2:00 pm for breakfast and lunch, drink specials daily.

Have a special event, office party or team function coming up? What could be more unique than having your event at Jet Runway Café? If your event needs to be located elsewhere, contact Jet Runway Café to provide catering for you. They offer 24-hour full service catering throughout Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

For more information, please contact John Abresch at 954.317.8304

The food at the Jet Runway Café was so amazing that I went back again and brought a friend. I loved both the pulled pork mini-brioche slider sandwiches and the French fries. The chef's presentation left nothing to be desired! Today I enjoyed the Angus American Hamburger while my friend raved over the pizza which was so innovatively presented. After hearing her comments, I tried her pizza and found that it not only looked like nothing I had ever seen, but it tasted like nothing I had ever eaten before - what an amazing blend of flavors!
- Bunney Brenneman

I tried out the new Jet Runway Café and it's probably the best airport breakfast I have ever had - - seriously! Beautiful restaurant, great service, and Banyan provided parking at no charge. I also visited the pilot shop after breakfast and it's a great store as well. I plan on making regular flights to eat here!
- Mace Horoff

Great place I was actually there on January 19 (opening day). I had the Chicken Parmesan Panini. It was busy, but I didn't have to wait, nice service and great food. I have recommended it at our place already!
- Felipe Santiago

Been there and ate there…the food is out of this world.
- Mike Puziano

I had lunch at Jet Café and had a triple cheese burger. Best burger I've had and the service was wonderful. Congratulations and thanks.
- Marco Echeverry