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FBO Services & Amenities

Whether you fly a J-3 or a Global Express, you can expect a warm welcome, a big smile, and professionals with a passion to serve you above and beyond your expectations. Our team knows what is important to crews and passengers. The cleanliness of our facility and our wide range of services will make your visit to South Florida pleasant and productive.

Relax in our tropical “Key West” style terminal complete with cascading waterfall, 800-gallon saltwater aquarium, 30-foot palm trees and plantation-style paddle fans. In addition to our spacious customer lobby, we offer an executive business center, three conference rooms, flight planning center, sleep bunk room, private shower, three pilot lounges, restaurant, vending and snack area, Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the complex and a view of the airport that is just simply amazing.

Luxury, Comfort & Convenience

FBO Rampside Auto Access Black & White

Ramp Side Auto Access

Banyan FBO Ramp Side Auto Access

Main Lobby

Banyan Air Service Key West Lobby
Banyan Customer Lounge Black & White

Customer Lounge

Banyan Air Service Customer Lounge
Banyan Business Center Black & White

Business Center

Banyan Customer Business Center
Royal Palm conference room black & white

Conference Rooms

Royal Palm Conference Room
Coffee Bar & Vending Machines Black & White

Coffee Bar & Vending Machines

Coffee Bar and Vending Machines

Courtesy Phone & Internet

Courtesy Phone and Computer with Internet

Main Pilot Lounge

Main Pilots Lounge
Pilot Snooze Room Black & White

Pilot Snooze Room

Pilot Snooze Room
Flight Planning Room Black & White

Flight Planning

Banyan Flight Planning Room

FBO Services & Amenities

  • Ramp Side Auto Access
  • Three Pilot Lounges
  • Separate Full-Sized Bunk Room
  • Snooze Room
  • Crew Shower Facilities
  • WSI Weather and Flight Planning Room
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • ATM Machine
  • Snack and Vending Area
  • Three Conference Rooms
  • Executive Business Center
  • Jet Caf√© On-Site
  • Banyan Pilot Shop
  • Rental Cars On-Site
  • Crew Courtesy Vehicles
  • Escorted Ramp Access
  • 24-Hour Gourmet Catering
  • Hotel Accommodations – Special Rates Available
  • Bahamas & Caribbean Travel Assistance & Documentation
  • 24-hour Fuel and Ground Support
  • NATA Safety First Certified Line Technicians
  • Tugs certified for use on aircraft sized up to a G650
  • Aircraft & Auto Detailing available
  • Hangar space available up to a Global Express sized aircraft
  • Private offices available
  • 24-hour video hangar & ramp surveillance

What size hangar do you need?

Executive Hangar
50′ x 50′ x 19′ high

Large T-Hangar
53′ x 44′ x 16′ high

Medium T-Hangar
41′ x 31.1′ x 13′ high

Small T-Hangar
38′ x 31′ x 13′ high

Small Box Hangar – no office
45′ x 38′ x 14′ high

Large Box Hangar with office
Hangar 60′ x 52′ x 17′ high
Office 24′ x 52′

Large Box Hangar – no office
60′ x 52′ x 17′ high

Corporate Hangar with office
Hangar 70′ x 65′ x 20′ high
Office 24′ x 65′

Double Corporate
Hangar 140′ x 65′ x 20′ high
2 Office areas 24′ x 65′

Large Corporate Hangar
175′ x 95′ x 27′ high
Office 24′ x 95′

Please contact FBO Customer Support for pricing and availability.

  • 24-Hour Control Tower
  • 24-Hour Airport Security
  • U.S. Customs (0800 – 2400 daily)
  • 130.80 – Banyan Unicom
  • 121.75 – FXE Ground
  • 124.15 – FXE Alternate Ground
  • 120.90 – FXE Tower
  • 119.85 – FXE Atis
  • 954.778.7582 – FXE Security
  • 954.776.1047 – FXE Tower
  • 954.828.4956 – FXE Fire (non-emergency)
  • 954.491.5647 – U.S.¬†Customs
  • 800.437.3835 – Avfuel
Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport map

FBO Contacts

Jon Tonko
Jon TonkoDirector of Customer Support
John Mason
John MasonDirector of FBO Sales and Client Relations