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  Banyan installed the Thrane and Thrane AVIATOR 200 Low Gain Antenna (LGA) on this Beech Jet 400A.

Banyan installed the Thrane and Thrane AVIATOR 200 Low Gain Antenna (LGA) on this Beech Jet 400A.

On January 7, 2012 a Beech Jet 400A departed for Argentina outfitted with the Thrane and Thrane AVIATOR 200 Swift Broadband (SBB) system. The AVIATOR 200 turns an aircraft into a business tool and enables pilots and passengers to use PDA devices including Blackberry®, iPhone® and iPads to access a multitude of applications; such as, email, internet browsing, smart phone connectivity and voice communications.

Last year Banyan received the first STC for the Swift Broadband (SBB) 200 class of service in the United States. This year Banyan delivered the first aircraft outfitted with AVIATOR 200 to the South American market.

“Banyan has been one of the industry leaders for High Speed Data and Swift Broadband installations for the last three years and to achieve another first clearly shows the vision of both Banyan and our partner Thrane and Thrane,” says Brian Wilson, Banyan’s director of avionics.

“The AVIATOR 200 Swift Broadband class of service is a perfect fit for our Latin American customers. Passengers enjoy staying connected and entertained during the flight and before departure the crew can download the latest weather conditions, flight plans and charts on their iPads and EFB’s. Banyan has performed more AVIATOR 200 installations on more airframes than any of our competitors. The installation can be performed as quickly as seven days and can be completed at Banyan during regular maintenance inspections,” states Wilson.

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About Banyan Avionics:

The Banyan avionics team based at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE), offers comprehensive avionics installations, repairs, modifications, and is an authorized dealer for all major avionics manufacturers. In addition to High Speed Data solutions, they have extensive installation experience with In-Flight Entertainment upgrades, Glass Cockpits, LPV/WAAS upgrades, Flight Management Systems, Satellite TV, Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems, Multifunction Displays, Satellite Communications, Iridium, and Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems.

Banyan’s avionics department is certified as both an FAA and EASA repair station and has also earned repair station designations for Argentina, Brazil, Bermuda and Venezuela. Banyan also offers a mobile avionics team to provide services on location. For more information on Banyan’s other services, visit

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Banyan Air ServiceBanyan Air Service based at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport recently completed an avionics installation on a private Boeing 727.  The avionics installation was done at the customer’s maintenance base during a minimum maintenance inspection.


The aircraft was modified with the latest in Swift Broadband (SBB) technology. The AVIATOR 200 from Thrane and Thrane uses a small low-gain antenna that allows simultaneous voice and data capabilities. Up to 200Kbps data transfer rate for email, web browsing, VPN access and more. With a simple application any smartphone like the iPhone, Blackberry and Droid can be used to retrieve emails and make voice calls.


“For the past year our company looked at many different types of data systems before deciding on the Aviator 200 from Thrane and Thrane. The low profile antenna and price point that the AVIATOR 200 provides was appealing, but we wanted to make sure it met our needs,” stated Keith Baird, DOM for the B727.  “Our next step was to find an Avionics shop that not only had the needed experience to install this sophisticated system, but would do the job on the road during our next scheduled maintenance inspection. Banyan Air Service in Fort Lauderdale has provided service support for our aircraft in the last few years and after meeting with their sales and installation crew we chose Banyan to perform our installation. We are very happy with the flexibility and expertise that Banyan provided. They even flew with the aircraft to perform all the final testing we requested.”


“Internet and email access is what the business traveler wants, they have it in the workplace, in their homes, even in the local coffee shop, and so why not have it when on board their aircraft,” stated Brian Wilson, Banyan’s director of avionics.  “Since downtime is critical and movement of an aircraft like a B-727 is expensive, the customer was pleased with the flexibility we offered by doing the work at their selected maintenance facility.”