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by Chloé Foster

Thursday 8-26-10

Today was the first day of the Familiarization Trip to the Bahamas, over 40 people with a total of 9 planes met at SheltAir at FLL. SheltAir provided a continental breakfast of juice, coffee, and bagels while Greg Rolle from the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism debriefed the group. Greg went over the plans for the trip, handed out name tags and agenda booklets. A representative from both SheltAir and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism spoke to the group and after everyone had filed their eAPIS we were ready to go.

The flight was only about 45 min long, and we enjoyed perfect conditions. We landed in Freeport at the Grand Bahamas Airport and were greeted by a representative of the airport, line service technicians and a photographer. The line tech took our bags and after a few snap shots we were whisked off to Customs. Right outside of Customs the feel of the Bahamas was already in the air as we were greeted with Bahama Mamas and conch fitters. The passengers enjoyed the sun and music, while the pilots went inside to meet with Customs. After everyone went through Customs we boarded a bus to The Radisson Our Lucaya Resort.

The bus ride from the airport to the resort was short and the driver gave a nice overview of the island and what it had to offer for both pilots and tourists. Looking out the bus, you knew you were in the Bahamas. The houses were bright Caribbean colors of green, pink and blue.

Upon arrival at the Radisson Our Lucaya Resort it was obvious that it was a five star hotel. Checking in was quick and simple and the resort representatives directed everyone to their rooms. We all received ocean view rooms and the view was spectacular. It over looked the horse shoe pool that ran up to the ocean front.

Lunch, hosted by the Grand Bahamas Ministry of Tourism was a working lunch and Round Table Seminar. Greg Rolle led the discussions and Karen Seymour from the Grand Bahamas Ministry of Tourism welcomed us to Grand Bahama. We went around the table and everyone introduced themselves and the company they represented. There were over 40 aviation representatives.

After a short detailed presentation from James Turner, the Commerical/Business Development Director for The Grand Bahama Airport, about the island and all it has to offer, a number of the pilots/groups who lead fly-ins to the Bahamas had a lot to say about today’s reception at the airport. A number of concerns were addressed as well as a lot of positive feedback.

After the round table everyone was given about 1 ½ hours for leisure time so they could explore the island, sit by the pool, take a dip in the ocean or go shopping.

Everyone met back in the lobby later that afternoon to be transported to the Airport for a happy hour outside of thetower. We had the opportunity to tour the inside of the control tower, something that many of us had never had the chance to do before. The Grand Bahama Fire Department did a demonstration and everyone watched the sun set over the runway.

Then it was back to Port Lucaya for dinner at Luciano’s. Dinner was hosted by the Grand Bahamas Tourist Office and the Grand Bahama Promotion Board. The restaurant was excellent and the food was delicious. Everyone had a wonderful time and it gave everyone a chance to mingle.

After dinner several people chose to enjoy the night life, and others headed back to the hotel to rest up for an early start Friday morning.

Saturday June 12, Hangar63 (Banyan’s Aviation Store) donated half of the days gross profits to Angel Flight. Angel Flight is a non-profit volunteer pilot organization involved in “public benefit flying.” They arrange free air transportation by private aircraft to distant medical facilities when commercial services are not available, impractical or simply not affordable. To encourage pilots and passengers to participate in this fund raising event, Banyan agreed to provide $1.00 off per gallon of gas and Jet Runway Café provided $5.00 off any Hangar63 customer’s bill for that day. Banyan’s Line Service team provided every landing aircraft with information about the event and encouraged customers to stop by and help out the cause.

Members of Angel Flight held a meeting in the Sabal Palm conference room and before wrapping up for the day presented Banyan with a Humanitarian Award for the helping the organization. Chuck Speakman, Hangar63’s manager, was proud to accept the award and thanking Angel Flight for all they do.

Hangar63 (Banyan’s Aviation Store) was pleased with the outcome and looks forward to making this an annual event.

We hope this type of partnership will be considered by other aviation groups who support our mission.  Partnerships with for-profit groups are a great way to team and be successful in the current economy”, says Blake Mathis, President/CEO of Angel Flight Southeast.

To find out how you can help Angel Flight, visit their website.

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For a limited time and while supplies last, any flight bag purchased will include a free large cooler bag and any Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) purchased will include a mini flashlight combo pack. Purchases must made online at

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Mike O’Keeffe, Brian Wilson, and Paul Rose represented Banyan Air Service at the 10th annual EBACE convention (European Business Aviation Association) held in Geneva, Switzerland.  This is the third year that Banyan has exhibited at this event.

EBACE is the primary business aviation show for all of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and all places in between.  It is a joint event sponsored by the NBAA and the EBAA.  EBACE is a good indicator for business aviation trends in the European marketplace, and it was nice to see that both attendees and exhibitors exceeded last year’s convention on the first day.  The aircraft static area was full with around 65 business aircraft on display, and the over-all feeling of the show was upbeat and positive.

This year, like last year, Banyan teamed up with Duncan Aviation and Fargo Jet Center, all under the umbrella of Avfuel.  We were pleased that Banyan’s recognition as a world class FBO and international gateway has continued to grow. We were pleased to be among the exhibitors and look forward to attending next year with even more to offer!

Since 2001 the International Air Rally team has put together some of the largest International Air Rallies in North America, the most recent being the Governor General’s International Air Rally, Caribbean Air Challenge. The Challenge kicked off from Banyan Air Service on April 17. A group of around 57 aviators flew into Banyan over a two day period rallying for their 10 day trip around the Caribbean. The group consisted of aviators from around the world, including Australia, Switzerland, France, Canada and the U.S.

The Governor General’s Cup competition was established in 1953, by Right Honorable Charles Vincent Massey, First Canadian appointed Governor. The trophy awarded for this competition is one of the most prestigious of aviation awards. The competition challenges pilots in a variety of areas including aviation knowledge, flying skills, team work, and collaboration.

The International flying group made a number of stops including:
Great Exuma, Bahamas
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Constanza, Dominican Republic
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos
Providenciales, Turks & Caicos
Sky Beach Eleuthera, Bahamas
Treasure Cay, Bahamas

Banyan was proud to be the kick-off and finishing location for the Challenge.

If you are interested in next year’s Challenge or other Rallies in North America, visit the International Air Rally home page.

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During this economic time, saving a few bucks when buying something you need is always a good thing. The Banyan Pilot Shop is running a special on Bose Headsets from now until the end of May. This offer gives customers a chance to trade up and get a new Bose Aviation Headset X for $150.00 off the regular price. With the price adjusted at the point of sale, there is no rebate form, delay, or complications to deal with, just a simple savings.

Not only is this special being offered at the Banyan Pilot Shop but it is available to aviation enthusiasts around the world through our online store at They are even sweetening the pot by providing FREE 2-day FedEx shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. and Alaska!

To learn more about the Bose Aviation Headset X visit


Offer valid April 1 – May 31, 2010. Restrictions apply. Aviation Headset X is a registered trademark of Bose Corporation in the U.S.

New 22-inch Widescreen HD LCDFlight Display Systems is introducing a new 22″ Widescreen Fly HD™ flat-panel LCD. It is available today and features true 1080p graphics with a native resolution of 1920×1080.

This large 22″ HD LCD is ideally sized for Gulfstream, Challenger, Global Express, and Falcon operators to enjoy Blu-ray movies and other in-flight entertainment. Weighing just 9.75 lbs and only 1.6″ in depth, the FD220CV VerHD is an extremely high quality, compact LCD.

The first installation was done in a Challenger 604 by Banyan Air Service at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, Florida. The 22″ HD Widescreen LCD from Flight Display Systems was installed on the forward and rear bulkheads. The owner will use the monitor to watch Blu-ray movies and his Flight Display Moving Map.

The FD220CV VerHD includes 1080p input capability via two HDCP-capable HDMI ports. A PC input is also available to display computer graphics such as a Flight Display Moving Map. Standard resolution composite and S-Video inputs are also included to maintain compatibility with legacy video sources.

Learn more about Banyan’s Avionics visit the Banyan Avionics site. To learn more about the Challenger 604 installation, contact Brian Wilson, Director of Avionics for Banyan FXE.

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Banyan's 4KIDS LogoThe teammates at Banyan Air Service, based at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport have recently committed their support to 4KIDS of South Florida. Banyan helps this organization through volunteer opportunities, monetary donations, and new and gently used items.

“We considered several nonprofit organizations but felt that the mission of 4KIDS of South Florida was the right match for Banyan. We spent several weeks getting to know the organization and felt that the Banyan team would be very supportive of the mission of 4KIDS of South Florida,” said Brandy Voss, Banyan’s Spirit Committee Director.

Last month, Banyan volunteers worked every Saturday to renovate a donated house by repairing drywall, fixing sprinklers, painting rooms, and working on landscaping. In addition, Banyan teammates support the nonprofit with donations through payroll deductions.

4KIDS of South Florida is a nonprofit organization committed to meeting the needs of thousands of children in foster care. From the moment a child is removed from their family because of abuse, abandonment, or neglect, this organization provides for them physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 4KIDS has over 100 licensed foster homes and foster families, twelve family-style homes, and cares for over 1000 children each year. For more information about 4KIDS of South Florida, or to register for the BiG Cardio Event, visit

Visit 4KIDS of South Florida to learn what you can do to help

To see the latest Banyan projects or view pictures from the Boca House Project, become a Banyan fan on Facebook.

Although many lives were devastated by the earthquake that struck Haiti in January, those who survived it faced additional challenges. A young 11-year old girl named Yadissa was one of those who survived, and this is her story.

Yadissa and her family survived the earthquake, but because of the destruction around them, they had to look for the bare necessities to survive. While going to buy food, she was struck by a vehicle and suffered severe damage to her pelvis.

“She had walked five hours from her rural town into Port-au-Prince with $7 to buy supplies for her family,” said Tina O’Keeffe of Banyan Air Service.

Thanks to C.A.R.E., Yadissa was flown to Banyan at FXE and from there she was taken to Broward General Medical Center where she got the care that she needed.

After weeks of treatment, C.A.R.E. coordinated with Banyan to use of one their hangars to give Yadissa a going home party on Friday March 26th. Many people who helped Yadissa attended including Dr. Bonnell and his team from Broward General Medical Center, Peter Simpson the pilot who flew her to Banyan, C.A.R.E., and Banyan team members. The next day the GIV crew from Owens-Illinois Inc. flew her home.

Although there is still a lot of work that needs to be done it Haiti, a reunion of a daughter and her family will put a smile on the face of a few.

To watch the story of Yadissa’s landing in Fort Lauderdale visit WSVN-TV 7News, they were at Banyan the night she landed.

To learn more about C.A.R.E. visit their Facebook Page.

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A nice compliment in the Twin Commander March Fleet Briefing.


Banyan Air Service, a Twin Commander authorized service center at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, has been a focal point of general aviation Haitian relief efforts.

Immediately after the earthquake Banyan President Don Campion offered Banyan’s help in 24-hour support of aircraft staging for the long flight to Haiti. His wife, Sueanne, quickly became involved in helping to coordinate relief efforts along with Robin Eissler, who established Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies (CARE).

They have set up a public Facebook site to chronicle their efforts and recognize the people and companies that have contributed to the relief effort. In early March Eissler reported that since January 12, there have been 670 relief flights to Haiti that have carried 3400 passengers and 1,100,000 pounds of supplies. “Our work continues as we still have about 2-3 flights a day,” she wrote.

For more see and a YouTube video thanking the many volunteers:”

To learn about how you can participate in the Haiti relieft vistion the Banyan Haiti Relief Page or contact or of Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies (C.A.R.E.). To follow more about what Banyan is doing, become a Banyan Fan on Facebook or follow Banyan on Twitter.