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Gateway FBO to the Bahamas & Caribbean
Woman on the bahamas beach
Some photos courtesy of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
Bahamas Travel Assistance
Banyan Air Service is your gateway FBO to the Caribbean. The Caribbean has more than 7,000 islands, inlets, reefs, and cays. These islands are part of the larger West Indies, which consists of the Greater Antilles on the north, the Lesser Antilles on the south and east, as well as the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Caribbean climate is tropical but rainfall varies with elevation, size and water currents. The region enjoys year-round sunshine, with dry and rainy seasons, each lasting about six months.

The waters of the Caribbean Sea play host to large, migratory fish, turtles and coral reef formations. The Puerto Rico trench, on the north side of the island, is in fact the deepest point in all of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Bahamas:
In addition to 700 islands, crystal clear water, beautiful sunsets, and people waiting there to welcome you, flying to the Bahamas is easy. Bimini lies only 48 miles off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale and Grand Bahama Island is just 80 miles away.

We work with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation to provide a check list that will make your flights to and from the Islands a pleasant experience. Our Bahamas Kits includes: airport information with airports of entry, important phone numbers, and some of the most frequently asked questions about flying to the Bahamas. You can either click on the free Bahamas Kit link to the left to have one mailed to you or download it online now. If you are not a private pilot, there are charter companies based out of FXE for your convenience.
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Listen to Bruce Woodrells Bahamas intervewListen to Banyan's Bruce Woodrell as he's interviewed by FlightTime Radio about pilots flying to the Bahamas.
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The best FBO I have ever visited, bar none! Arrived in a heavy rainstorm and was greeted by two linemen with umbrellas to help us unload. Had to layover due to weather and they went out of their way to get reservations, drop me off and pick me up the next morning. Excellent facility. They will be my first choice for my next trip to the Islands. Excellent job guys.
- Capt. Hice
Absolutely FANTASTIC experience! Took the family on a trip to the Bahamas. Banyan had a great package with all the required paperwork of both ends of the trip. We called 20 min. out on the way back and they had a crew at Customs to tow us back to their ramp, as well as a van for us. When you factor in the amount of service you receive, their fuel price is incredibly low. You get OUTSTANDING value for your fueling dollar. Thank you, Banyan! I'll be back!
- James Russo via AirNav.com