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Bahamas Travel Requirements

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Outward Bound — From the United States

REQUIRED (must be done)

  1. File a Flight Plan (DVFR or IFR)
  2. File an e-APIS manifest outbound (we recommend doing the inbound at the same time). Click Here to Register
  3. A U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest is mandatory for each person on board. Life vests and rafts are available for rent at Banyan. If you choose to rent a life vest from Banyan, please do not open the plastic bag containing the life vest unless an actual emergency calls for it. Once opened, the life vest must be re-certified resulting in an additional cost to you. A life raft is highly recommended but is not required
  4. Activate Flight Plan before leaving Banyan at FXE. Radio frequency: Miami/Fort Lauderdale 122.20
  5. Prior to landing, close your flight plan with Nassau radio on 124.2 or 128.00. In order to close you may call 1.800.WXBRIEF or Nassau 1.242.377.7176. You can also use the blue phone at your disposal at your airport of entry free of charge.
  6. Must land at an airport of entry (AOE) to clear customs and immigration.
  7. Need to turn in 3 copies of the C7A general declaration form as well as a Bahamas immigration card - 1 per person.
  8. By cooperating with customs and immigration they will be happy to help you.
  9. If you fly VFR, you can contact Miami Flight Service for flight following and issuing a discreet squawk code. Frequency is Fort Lauderdale Executive 128.6
  10. Close VFR Flight Plan
  • Applicable navigation charts:
    MIA sectional & WAC CH 25-26 for VFR and Enroute Low Altitude Caribbean
    5/6 / ELCB5 for IFR
  • Non U.S. citizens must surrender their I-94 upon departure to U.S. Customs.
    I-94s may be left with Banyan’s Customer Service personnel to be turned into U.S. Customs.
  • Download all of the U.S. and Bahamas Customs documents, including Outbound and Inbound Check Lists.
    Download All Documents
PROCEDURE (how to do it)
  1. Flight plan filing - call 1.800.WXBRIEF and file your flight plan over the phone. Computer based systems are also valid such as www.fltplan.com.
  2. File the e-APIS manifest – before filing the e-APIS manifest you need to enroll in the e-APIS manifest program. Click Here to Register
  3. Navigate the e-APIS program to enter pilot and crew information as well as airplane information. This needs to be done ahead of time but at least one hour prior to departure. You need to submit a notice of departure.
  4. You do not need to depart from a US Airport Of Entry (AOE).
  5. Close the flight plan.
  6. Clear Bahamian customs.

Remember there are THREE Customs stops when flying to the Bahamas. The first stop is upon your arrival INTO the Bahamas, the second stop is upon your departure FROM the Bahamas, and the last stop is upon your arrival INTO the United States.

U.S. Customs Decals are required for re-entry into the U.S. You may depart the U.S. without the decal but you cannot come back into the U.S. without one. Decals may be obtained by calling 317-298-1200 (extension 1245), by e-mailing decals@dhs.gov or you may obtain a Customs decal application at Banyan’s Customer Service Desk. A faxed copy of your application for the decal is sufficient proof for re-entry. Decals are valid for one calendar year.

Visit www.bahamas.com/bahamas/private-flying for additional information on flying to the Bahamas.

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The new eAPIS (Electronic Advance Passenger Information System) went into effect on May 18, 2009. You are required to submit aircraft and passenger info for both your departure from and arrival to the U.S.

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For Immediate Filling Assistance Contact:

>> www.fltplan.com