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Banyan Air Aircraft Acquisition
Michael O'Keeffe
Michael D. O'Keeffe
Senior Vice President

Cost-effective business travel starts by acquiring the optimal aircraft for the right price. Today's corporate aircraft offers more choices than ever before and making the right decision is critical.

Experts in aircraft maintenance and project management, Banyan Aircraft Sales helps buyers navigate the complexities of purchasing an aircraft by:

  • overseeing legal and accounting implications
  • developing of comprehensive pre-purchase evaluation
  • understanding FAA, IRS, TSA, State and Federal compliance requirements
  • comparing your corporate travel options and the associated costs
  • verifying aircraft total time, equipment, engine times, inspections history, ownership history, maintenance history and more
  • negotiating to secure the best price

Our team of experts will present a series of thought provoking questions to help evaluate what is important to you and develop a list of "wants" and "needs." Only after we clearly understand what is most important to you will we make a series of aircraft recommendations that best suit your budget and/or travel needs.

Throughout the aircraft selection and acquisition process we act solely on behalf of the buyer as their exclusive "buyers agent." We have no vested interest in a particular aircraft manufacturer's make or model and are therefore free to make a variety of recommendations without fear of jeopardizing a vendor relationship.

Our compensation is a nominal flat fee, mutually agreed upon in advance. This provides the buyer with the peace-of-mind of knowing we will always remain impartial and unbiased in our recommendations.


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